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Macbook Battery Replacement Speed and Quality

Each lithium-ion battery lasts for a long time as do Macbook, Macbook Air, or Macbook Pro batteries

macbook model identifier

Macbook Model Identifier


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Some Useful Instruction


Use a Macbook while charging

The device's charging will reduce the cycle time of the battery of the Macbook.


Stay Hungry

If you keep the device for an extended period of time without turning it off make sure you don't charge the battery until it is fully charged. 50% is sufficient for correct battery condition.


Store at Optimum Temperature

The ideal operating temperature for the battery is 72degF-62degF (16degC between 22 and 22degreeC). Try to stay clear of extreme temperatures.


Chill Out

Maintain your MacBook in a dry, cool environment with a temperature that is less than 90 degF (32degC).


Go Naked

Unplug the case while you charge your MacBook to minimize the heat trap inside the Macbook.

service service

Change the settings of the system.

Make adjustments to the MacBook settings to keep energy consumption to a lesser amount. Examine the brightness of your display and lower it to a manageable level. Adjusting your Energy Saver settings might also aid in increasing the life of your battery.

Looking For MacBook Air Battery Replacement? Or MacBook Pro Battery Replacement?

Common Macbook Battery Symptoms

MacBook users often ask “How do I know whether my Macbook battery needs changing?”; “My Macbook Air Battery Doesn’t Hold Charge”; “My Macbook Pro battery can’t turn on without charging”,

Here are some of the most frequent symptoms we’ve discovered based on our research and experiences:

Warning Battery Status ( Service Battery, Replace Soon, Replace Now)

The battery will not keep the battery charge (drains very quickly)

Inability to boot

Macbook Auto-Restarts

Old batteries may require replacement, too. (Don’t be shocked!)

“Physically” Bulging Battery

Water Spillage

It is not able to be turned on without an adapter/charger

The above summarizes almost all the most typical scenarios. There are some issues that may result from a malfunctioning battery, but they require further investigation with our tech.

If you need assistance with Macbook Air battery replacement or Macbook Pro battery replacement, don’t hesitate to reach us!

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