Macbook Trackpad Replacement

  • Published :January 06, 2022
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Macbook Touchpad Replacement

MacBook Touchpad Replacement Service in Nehru Place, Delhi

MacBook Repair Service

Common MacBook Touchpad Problems

MacBook Touchpad stopped working or malfunctioned?

MacBook touchpad doesn’t click, respond or is damaged? It’s not a reason to in a panic, we in Makemylappy Nehru Place, Delhi we are here to assist you. If that your trackpad doesn’t respond or tracks your finger in a predictable manner or is recently stopped functioning completely, slow down, it’s due to your touchpad malfunctioned, so replacing it would be a sensible alternative. Some customers have reported that the button is not functioning. This could be due to a broken liquid, or something fell onto it, or even an the issue is electrical, or simply because of moisture. The Mac Trackpad is not repairable in the event of damage because of humidity. We can help you speedy check out the MacBook Touchpad Repair or Replacement. We’ll replace your broken or damaged touchpad in less than one day by replacing it with a new authentic touchpad of high-quality.

In certain versions such as MacBook Air & MacBook Pro, Keyboard and Touchpad are physically connected and logically this means that it’s possible your damaged Mac Touchpad can affect Keyboard.

What is the reason Makemylappy Trackpad Replacement Service is significantly less expensive?

As per Apple Inc, if you are experiencing issues with your trackpad, they’ll replace the entire top case. This is more and isn’t cost-effective. Makemylappy located at Nehru Place can fix or replace your damaged Trackpad at a low cost and very effectively.

Problems with the Touchpad that Mac users may experience: Mac user may be confronted with :

There are a few common defects in touchpad cases. We offer assistance to the entire range of Apple Mac models i.e. A1278, A1425, A1502, A1398, A1297, A1286, A1534, A1706, A1707, A1708, A1932, A2159, A1990, A1989, A2141.

  • It is not possible to click on the MacBook trackpad
  • It became very slow and sticky.
  • Splattered liquid on trackpad
  • The touch pad doesn’t work in any way
  • Touchpads for heating
  • Cracked/broken touchpad
  • There is no movement of the cursor
  • Mouse pointer is moving in a random manner
How long will the Mac Trackpad Replacement occur?

We can repair or replace damaged Mac Trackpad within a day.

Do you offer guarantee on MacBook Trackpad Replacement?

Yes, we provide three months of warranty on every Touchpad Replacement.

How much will it cost to replace the MacBook Touchpad?

The replacement to MacBook Trackpad cost vary according to the type of model. Its price range is generally between three thousand rupees and $8500.

Prices List for MacBook Touchpad

A tentative idea of MacBook Touchpad Replacement

Model No.


A1369 13″ 2011 and A1466 13″ 2011-2017 MacBook Air Touchpad Price

Rs 4200 + GST 18%

A1370 11″ 2011 and A1465 11″ 2011-2015 MacBook Air Touchpad Price

Rs 4200 + GST 18%

A2159 13″ & A1989 13″ MacBook Pro Touchbar Touchpad Price

Rs 9500 + GST 18%

A1990 15″ MacBook Pro Touchbar Touchpad Price

Rs 9500 + GST 18%

A1278 13″ 2010-2012 MacBook Pro Touchpad Price

Rs 3500 + GST 18%

A1425 13″ 2012 & A1502 13″ 2013-15 MacBook Pro Retina Touchpad Price

Rs 5500 + GST 18%

A1398 15″ 2012-15 MacBook Pro Retina Touchpad Price

5500 Rs + GST of 18%

A1534 MacBook 12″ Touchpad Price

5500 Rs + GST 18%

A1708 13″ 2016-17 MacBook Pro Retina Touchpad Price

7500 Rs + GST 18%

A1706 13″ TouchBar MacBook Pro Retina Touchpad Price

Rs 7500 + GST 18%

A1932 13″ 2018-19 MacBook Air Retina Touchpad Price

Rs 8500 + GST 18%

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